Friday, May 29, 2009

Ode to Child Bearing Hips

Or child born hips. It is important, for the sake of personal sanity, that I say this in past tense (but how to do so properly is obviously a mystery to me). I was cleaning out my closet this week and the stack of jeans that I can no longer squeeze into (but have been hoarding in a denial induced fog) was a little more robust than it ought to have been. I'm not as skinny as I thought .
My hips will never squeeze into the majority of those jeans EVER again. So instead of letting that abundant stack remain on the top shelf of my closet collecting dust for another few years, I might as well do a little recycling. No point in wasting good denim, right?
And, my hubby's youngest brother just happens to be getting married on Saturday (tomorrow!). Can you see where my brain went with this?
Let's just say my loss is their gain. Or, to be more accurate, my gain is their gain.
Every newlywed couple is in need of a good picnic blanket...especially one backed in warm and cuddly fleece. Handy for all sorts of .....

.....And this is where I stop. I tend to ramble and say strange & stupid things when I'm tired, and right now, I am completely wiped out. Not only did I make the quilt, we also painted our master bed and bath. All in the last 72 hours. Crazy, Crazy!


onlymehere said...

I have made these picnic quilts for special people too. I like to add a card that says "Life may not always be a picnic, but make sure you go on a few!" Cindy

Charlotte said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I want one!

I am guessing the denim squares are quite soft from being washed & worn...a great combo. to the fleece simple, sweet &'s perfect!

~ wow!! you've been busy!...congrats on getting all that painting done! now it's time to relax & have fun at the wedding!

Amanda said...

WOW! The quilt looks great--and I can't believe you got it done so quick! Can't wait to see pics of the painting! :)

Janelle said...

Oh, this is awesome! I have a box full of my DH's old jeans tucked away with this exact type of quilt in mind. Yours is wonderful!

(Well, okay...I might have a *few* pairs of my own non-fitting jeans lying around, too!)

Beth at Aunties said...

It turned out wonderful! I am sure they will love it. You know how much I enjoy ours.
You truly amaze me at all your energy. Your hips are still so small and you have a shape most wonmen would love to have. You are beauitful, talented and well... I say cheesy things when I am tired... I love you!
See you at the wedding Party tonight!

Des said...

i love the post title. :D

okay, you are funny. you are still my hero. I am so stinkin' selfish. A levi quilt for newlyweds is TOTALLY awesome! It's adorable and such a great gift. yes, i'm going to be like you any day.

probably on monday, i will have a post where i try to be like you and paint a chair. :)

Jaime Escalante said...

So fun! I don't know where you get all this energy. You're amazing.

My Cozy Cubby said...

Makes me want to make one, and go on a picnic just to use it!