Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little Blue Box

Yesterday evening when my hubby walked in the door (just in time to rescue me from a rapidly approaching case of child induced insanity) he reached into his bag and pulled out a little blue box, with a white ribbon. The same kind of little blue boxes I have seen before....in the movies (usually of the romantic comedy variety). Never actually in real life, definitely not in MY real life. Right away I thought he was giving me an early mothers day gift. He is thoughtful like that sometimes.
However, I quickly discovered the real reason behind the little blue box. Inside was a $100 gift card given to my numerically inclined husband for five years dedicated service (the financial, over my head, my mind wanders when he speaks of it, type of work) rendered on the 22nd floor of this building...

So after the kids were tucked in, I decided to check out the goods at Tiffany's. I found a lovely watch... for $5,100 and a little vegetable bowl that would be perfect in my china cabinet, if only we had 17 more gift certificates. HOLY TOLEDO - there is a reason we don't have a Tiffany's in our neck of the woods. We are all too poor - by that I mean middle class.

I finally got a clue and clicked on the under $150 section. Not a lot to choose from at the bottom of the barrel, but I was kind of smitten with the above turquoise key pendant. Only $150. . .$100 for the pendant only (can always pick up a silver chain at Target, right?). Not exactly what my husband would have chosen to reward himself with. Tickets to a Yankee game the next time he's in NY on business would have been more his thing. But alas, our options are kind of limited. So to make a long story short, I am thinking the token in the little blue box will end up being a reward for me (by default) for 10 years of mostly dedicated service
doing the following...

Keeping my little peeps in a row. We went to the zoo last week and of all the animals, I think I loved this little family best. Something so familiar about the mom. Perhaps you see it too.


Deck The HALLS of HOME with JOY! said...

Wow, That's awesome! Congratulatons to you! I love the picture of the ducks in a row! How true it is! Can I share that picture?

Happy Mothers Day to you!

Flashy Ashley said...

LUCKY! Tiffany's is Tiffany's $5100 or $99. Way to go hard working hubby and hard working mother goose, (way cute pic!)

Amber said...

So nice to meet you! Ashley IS so great, and her stuff IS so cute!!

That was my exact thought--your poor hubby, what a reward for him!!? They could've at least given you a $100 American Express card so you could do what you wanted with it! Huh?

But how many times are you going to actually buy yourself something from Tiffany's. :)

Beth at Aunties said...

Loved this post and to know Mr wonderful is taking good care of our daughter! He always has. What a sweet guy!
I lovd the picture you captured at the zoo. So classic!!!

Enjoy a wonderful Mothers day! I hope you recieve a copius amount of freshly picked dandlions and other precious flowers from little hands!