Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vintage Sheet Quilt (top) #5


I started working on this vintage sheet quilt  in September.  Originally it was throw sized, but after thinking about it for a few more months, I came to the conclusion that we really don't need any more throw size quilts - especially in ultra vibrant colors that really don't match the decor of the main living areas of our home. So, I added 6 more rows and now it is large enough to work as a bed quilt - an extra wide twin.   I made my oldest daughter a vintage sheet quilt for her bedroom a couple of years ago.  Since then, I have added a lot more prints to my collection that would look fabulous in her room.  When this new one is finished, she can alternate it with the original one in her bedroom for a little variety.

I set out to make a "Plus" quilt like many I have seen on Flickr, where all of the prints fit together like pieces in a puzzle.  But, when I laid the quilt top out like that, the large prints blended together and it looked like a colorful mess.  I opted instead to add one degree of separation between fabrics with Kona Ash (still a favorite) as a buffer. 

I know - It is very similar to the queen size quilt I made last spring.  Might have something to do with the neutral I keep choosing over and over again. Next time I play with vintage sheets, I'll try to mix it up with something other than Ash. Then again, maybe not. Why mess with a good thing?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Bag and Kindle Case

My sewing machine hasn’t seen a lot of action the last couple of months.  Zero quilting action.  I am realizing it's a seasonal trend. Not a lot of play time during the busy holiday season.  I did, however, make my book loving niece a book bag and kindle case for Christmas.

Front Pocket
Back Pocket

I also cut all of the squares to make a HST Christmas Quilt, but that is far as I got.

Maybe I'll have it finished by next Christmas.  11 1/2 months should be enough time...even for me.

Happy New Year!