Monday, March 30, 2009

Attachment Issues

I wish I had pictures of a finished project or anything remotely cool to share, but I got nothin'. Instead of letting the creative juices flow, we’ve been doing some much needed spring cleaning, including sorting through the kids closets. There must be something in the water around here, because they seem to be growing freakishly fast, as evidenced by the “floods” they’ve been sporting around of late. I like wearing capris, but it's not such a good look on my 3 & 9 year old sons.

As I was packing up the stuff they've outgrown, and getting out the bins with the clothes they are growing into, I realized there are some things I just don't think I can give away. I'm especially drawn to cotton prints – all the cute little sundresses my girls have worn (& will wear)...

And the little plaid button up shirts & shorts belonging to my boys...

Seeing some of these little clothes for the first time in quite a while, brought back memories. I was picturing mini versions of my older kids with their squishy little bodies and chubby cheeks, and I just don't think I can toss out memories like those. When the younger two finally outgrow them all, I'm going to have to make some memory quilts (boy & girl versions), out of these little outfits. Then someday I'll be able to snuggle up with one of those quilts, just when my kids think they are too grown up and cool to have their overly attached mom do the same with them. I know, ridiculously cheesy. But having a plan, sort of justifies the unnecessary hoarding of outgrown, wee little cloth goods, right? Besides, some of the fabric is pretty darn cute - memories or not.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Desperately Seeking Summer

Or even spring. Just no more winter, please! I am so done with cold & dreary. When the goofy man on the television (who just happens to be my ex-brother in law :)) said temperatures in Southern Utah would be in the eighties, we booked our favorite condo, loaded up and headed south.

We spent most of our time outside hiking and admiring the local geology. It's impossible to be surrounded by such color and not instantly feel warmer.

I like hiking, but I LOVE the sand dunes. Walking barefoot on soft, warm sand is like therapy.

Just look at the sand running between her fingers...Can't you just feel it?

We went to a lot of parks. Splash pad parks and duck pond parks. Parks by the nature center. Parks with playgrounds and basketball hoops. They all had one thing in common...They were green.

One afternoon, spur of the moment, we decided to drive to Vegas to see the fountains at the Bellagio and Pirate show at Treasure Island. Unfortunately both were canceled due to wind (bummer). But the flowers inside the atrium at the Bellagio were just as breathtaking...

And the view of the other side of the pond, surreal.

Only in Vegas! We came home to snow and a temperature of 55 degrees - INSIDE our house. Way colder outside. Brrrr! Now that goofy man is saying more snow is on the way. So depressing. At least we now have some proof that spring is springing somewhere not so far away.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pretty Plates

I’m not sure where this week has gone. My kids have all had the “gumboo” or the “ick” or actually a combination of both with hives on top. Wiped a lot of noses and cleaned up a few lovely souvenirs courtesy of the stomach flu. But things have finally settled down (except for the hives). What can I say, I live a glamorous life.

I am slowly filling up the china cabinet. This week I found a couple of really old plates with a rose border...

Some Mikasa Mediterrania and Sango Agincourt...

Quite a few pieces of the Agincourt - 15 total...
And this pretty bowl...
Everything was $.50 - 1.00 each. I also started piecing the vintage rose quilt. However, I cut some of the green squares 1/4" too short, and it's bugging me. Now I have some unpicking to do. I hate unpicking! I ended up using green gingham because the aqua was too light. When I was a little girl my bedroom was green gingham, and the fabric I am using is from a crib sheet my son had when he was a baby. So, I am liking this choice even better, especially mixed with pillowcases belonging to both my grandmothers. It's turning into a memory quilt.

On Monday night, the day when the tornado of illness hit hard, I was feeling pretty exhausted and wishing I was anywhere but home. I was tucking in my oldest and as I was listening to him say his prayer, he said he was thankful for “mom being able to stay home and take care us.” Listening to him say that in his scratchy little voice was humbling. My life ISN’T glamorous, but it’s full of sweet moments and little people who are continually teaching me what matters most. And, a husband who understands me. Look what he brought home from work that very same day.
I'm a lucky girl.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old School

A couple of weeks ago when I was hitting the local thrift stores in search of funky vintage linen, I found a little old school chair. It was such a bargain and so darn cute I couldn’t help but bring it home with me. Today while lil' sis was napping, I spruced it up a bit. Here's a before look. I only remembered to take a before pic after I had already started taping it up...

Just a few minutes out back with a can a red spray paint was all it took. Now it's at home in my 3 year old's room...

I made a little slipcover (to use when the mood, or the moody strike) out of some vintage denim fabric with a cherry print. Something my husband's grandma was tossing a while back, and I rescued.

And just for kicks, a little bit of "naughty" just because I want to use an awful, fake British accent and call it the naughty chair.
But truly, he's not that kind of kid. Other than his inability to speak quietly at church, and an affinity for bathroom words, he’s about as sweet as they come.

He's requested his name on the other side, so I am off to have more good times with the Wonder Under. Love that stuff!

Monday, March 9, 2009

From Garage to Glam

This not so lovely little writing desk has been taking up valuable space in our garage for a while now. But this weekend, the Mr. gave it the boot. It had been trespassing on his terrain long enough.

So he hauled it outside & went to town. First he whipped out the putty and filled in all the dents & holes. Next came a little power sanding action (above picture is post sanding). Finally, out came the big guns. Take my word for it . . . the man knows how to work a can (or 2) of spray paint. Pretty well trained, I would say.

Not too shabby! I think my work here is done.
This is a double play for him. Not only does he have a little more space in the garage, he also has a very happy wife. Hmmm...maybe if I put some of the other projects I'm working on out in the garage they'll miraculously get finished as well. Too bad he can't sew.
For more second time around treasures visit Diane @ A picture is Worth 1,000 Words.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Rosy Day

I have vintage linen on my brain. I’ve seen a few gorgeous quilts of late made from vintage sheets and I just want to make one. It’s like an itch that just won’t go away. So today I started cutting squares…
This one will be a vintage ROSE quilt. I have been hoarding a pair of pink rose pillowcases that I inherited from my paternal grandmother. And this week my mom gave me a yellow rose pillowcase that belonged to her mom (my maternal grandmother). The others (blue & multi) are a couple of rose sheets I found at the thrift store recently.
I still want to do another vintage sheet quilt that is brighter and more random. Here are a few sheets I have found this week for that one . . .
Found the above two in my mom's linen closet. My mother in-law is going to see what she can find.
This one I found at a thrift store yesterday. I LOVE the orange!
Another thrifted beauty - so bright & colorful.

I also found a whole slew of nearly new goods from the Simply Shabby line by Rachel Ashwell. Maybe after I get the vintage sheets out of my system, I'll make a Simply Shabby quilt.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Painted Ladies

We’ve been so busy, but this weekend I buckled down and finished a couple of painting projects.

The thrifted mirror is now ready to hang in my six year old daughter’s room. I thought it would have looked awesome painted black, but white works best with her light pink & green girly space. Not bad for $1.00.
And the vintage china cabinet is finished.

I am pretty pleased with the results. Originally it was intended for the family room adjoining the kitchen. I was thinking a blue color a shade or two darker than robin’s egg blue, with antiquing. It would have been beautiful, but it was a little too large. We had temporarily placed it out of the way in the living room for the painting process. I loved seeing it in that space. It brought light into the room and every time I walked down the hallway I was just happy to see it there. My plans quickly changed.
After two coats of primer, I painted it white, and boy was it ever white.

Then I conservatively added antiquing glaze to enhance the groovy (literally) details. My husband says when he looks at it he wants to get out an old toothbrush and scrub the dirt out of the crevices. OK, he’s right. It does look a little bit like dirt, but isn’t that part of the vintage charm? I LIKE it. And as a bonus, it will be excellent at camouflaging dust. :) So if you too are a fan of the aged look, the secret is in this sauce: