Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Desperately Seeking Summer

Or even spring. Just no more winter, please! I am so done with cold & dreary. When the goofy man on the television (who just happens to be my ex-brother in law :)) said temperatures in Southern Utah would be in the eighties, we booked our favorite condo, loaded up and headed south.

We spent most of our time outside hiking and admiring the local geology. It's impossible to be surrounded by such color and not instantly feel warmer.

I like hiking, but I LOVE the sand dunes. Walking barefoot on soft, warm sand is like therapy.

Just look at the sand running between her fingers...Can't you just feel it?

We went to a lot of parks. Splash pad parks and duck pond parks. Parks by the nature center. Parks with playgrounds and basketball hoops. They all had one thing in common...They were green.

One afternoon, spur of the moment, we decided to drive to Vegas to see the fountains at the Bellagio and Pirate show at Treasure Island. Unfortunately both were canceled due to wind (bummer). But the flowers inside the atrium at the Bellagio were just as breathtaking...

And the view of the other side of the pond, surreal.

Only in Vegas! We came home to snow and a temperature of 55 degrees - INSIDE our house. Way colder outside. Brrrr! Now that goofy man is saying more snow is on the way. So depressing. At least we now have some proof that spring is springing somewhere not so far away.


Joyce said...

Thanks for sharing the travel photos. Some of your vintage fabric you are using in the quilt (which is so pretty and you are so talented) is the exact same fabric on my sheets and pillow cases. The vintage yellow rose fabric is from Sears from the early 70's. These sheets are as soft and still look brand new.

Kevin said...

Sorry about the weather in Utah, sis. It's a bit warmer here, but it's going to rain for about a week straight, so it doesn't feel too great. I can't wait for the opportunity to tag along with you guys on some of these trips.

Des said...

you're killin' me. i am currently wearing sweatshirt, mittens and hat INSIDE my house. the wind is bad today. my old house can't take it. need to stoke fire.

Jaime Escalante said...

I second Kevin. I can't wait to live closer to you! Fun times ahead. Hooray for everyone. (Spring is nowhere CLOSE to reaching Montana yet. I feel your pain.)