Monday, April 27, 2009

Because I'm a geek

Sundays evenings = must see TV for me. Why? Because I love Public Television! I especially look forward to Masterpiece Theatre. For the last few weeks I have been completely engrossed in Little Dorrit. Last night was the final episode and it was so good. If you missed it or any of the episodes, you can watch it here. Check it won't be sorry.

After Masterpiece, Monarch of the Glen has been coming on. I got completely hooked on this series about 5 years ago when it was on BBC America 1:00 each weekday afternoon - just when I was putting down my then toddler for her afternoon nap. It's still one of my all time favorite TV series. The story is about a modern day Scottish Laird and the happenings of the estate. It is full of quirky characters and plot-lines.

However last night Monarch of the Glen did not come on. I wasn't disappointed for too long because in it's place was a newer series, Lost In Austen (review here). It's about a modern day girl who ends up swapping places with Elizabeth Bennet & finds herself in the thick of the Pride & Prejudice storyline. I was more than entertained. Next Sunday at 10:00 p.m. is episode #2. If you missed the first one, you can watch it online.

And just for you Jane Austen fans out there, Marvel has made a comic version of
Pride & Prejudice. The cover page alone is awesome!

Anyway, these are the geeky things I have on my brain today. One of these days I'll snap out of the creative funk I am in and post about something crafty again.


Des said...

OH!! You're SO my geeky friend!!! MOST of my family will not leave me alone of Sunday evening to watch my most favorite Masterpiece Theater. So I have resorted to getting it all on netflix. I'm so excited, Little Dorrit comes out on the 28th of this month. ACK, wait that's tomorrow!!!! AND, I just finished watching Lost in Austen. I loved it!! I thought it was smart and clever and original. I need to go read that review. Some people might hate it. Not me.

I also have had Monarch of the Glen in my queue. Gosh, I can't even recommend anything to you. You already know it all!! Wait, do you netflix? can't remember. My family loves the Robin Hood Series from BBC? I think. It's new-ish and clean and my husband and kids love it. Oh, did you watch David Copperfield on Masterpiece? that was great, too!

okay, I think i've geeked out long enough. i'm leaving now.

Kevin said...


Amanda said...

Love love love Masterpiece Theater! So I guess I'm a geek too! I'm downloading Little Dorrit so I can watch the whole thing at once! Can't wait! And Lost in Austen looks like another one to get hooked on! Yay for PBS!

Trina said...

I may have to try out Lost in Austin (Although my favorite of her books is Emma). I haven't watched Masterpiece Theater in ages! I don't watch much tv at all though.

My Cozy Cubby said...

It's scary, but I almost think the skirt looks better than the pants!