Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Groovy Goods

If you have been reading my blog, you probably know that I have had vintage linen on my brain. I know, kind of a hokie thing to be collecting. I am sure that just one year ago, I would have been the one getting rid of all the wacky old sheets rather than be in acquisition mode. But for now, I kind of think they're cool, and my stash of old sheets has been steadily growing. Yesterday I received a lovely package in the mail from my blogging friend Des. We swapped 10 fat quarters from her sheet stash for 10 of mine. So much fun! Now I really need to figure out what kind of quilt I want to make. Google "Vintage Sheet Quilt" and check out some of the search results. There are some mega-talented quilters out there who really know how to repurpose linen. Fabulous quilts!

And the bright and beautiful crocheted flowers above are hair clips my mother-in-law made for my youngest to find in the big annual Easter egg hunt. Aren't they SO cute!?! I really need to learn how to crochet. Truthfully there are many, many things I really need to learn how to do. The list of skills I am in need of would be fearsomely long, if I ever was brave enough to make it.

Also in the package with the sheets came a sweet little vintage dress. Such a nice surprise! Reminded me so much of the dress this little one wore for her blessing last spring. Same hand made detail and fragility. Now, trying to get a picture of the squirmy little munchkin in said dress, was not so sweet. I LOVE it.

And now for a completely random & STRANGE little bit:

I took my daughter and one of her friends to see the new Hannah Montana movie on Friday night & ..... (drumroll please)...... I didn't exactly hate it. Much of the movie takes place in a small town in the country. It was full of pretty scenery, and a beautiful house with a big front porch (one of my favorite things you know). Although it wasn't without a few silly & predictable moments, I was kind of diggin' it. And here's the real shocker - I actually liked a few of the songs. Towards the end of the movie my daughter kept saying she had to go to the bathroom, but I made her wait because I didn't want to miss any of it. How WEIRD is that?

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Des said...

I can't believe I haven't commented on this one yet.....I also CAN'T believe that little darlin' FITS in that little dress. I just had visions of it hanging from a window or something. Wow. She's adorable!!