Thursday, June 4, 2009


Tonight I’ve been sorting through the slew of photos building up and bogging down our hard-drive, and I came across a few from our lake trip a couple of weekends ago. I have what my husband probably considers a really annoying habit - I make him pull over when we are on road trips so I can snap still pictures of the scenery when it is just too beautiful to pass by unacknowledged. And this time of year everything is just so green & pretty. Even this plain old field was simply stunning.

This mountain stream, beckoning.

The lake below, serene

And this tree, absolutely beautiful. Trees are my weakness. It was a long ride home for the kids.

Some days I just want to get in my car (ok, minivan) and drive, I don’t even care where.

The lure of open spaces, the sirens of vistas unseen and of roads less traveled call out to me, haunting me with possibility unrealized. There are so many things to see, and
I just want to GO.
I especially wouldn't mind a road trip here...

(Oregon Coast found on Google Images)
Now why can't I get this excited about Disneyland?


Beth at Aunties said...

Because man made wonders cannot compare to those created by the Master.

I too share your desire to wander about this beautiful world seeing all of its beauty.

So let's hop into the minivan and GO!

Des said...

Disneyland is all about open spaces!! You just happen to be sharing it with 9 million other people. Here I go....don't get me started.

My 2 favorite vacations: Disneyland and Oregon Coast. no, really. They both have very different effects on me and are very different vacations. duh. Disneyland, I'm exhausted and NEED a vacation when i'm done with it. Oregon coast, truly a relaxing event. We do nothing but sit on the beach and build sandcastles all day. With our umbrellas. When they don't blow away. In our sweaters and overcoats. but i can still hear and smell the ocean and that's all that matters. If you need good places to stay, let me know. for both, disney or oregon. i'm one stop shopping. :)

oh, you're pictures are beautiful and i'm going to start making my husband pull over for pretty shots. I wonder how many shots of sagebrush I can take......

Trina said...

The pictures are beautiful. You could sell some of them....and maybe pay for a trip to Disneyland.