Monday, August 4, 2008

Pay it Forward

Warning: The subject matter of this post is a little LAME (or so I was subtly informed earlier today). Oh well... I am in fact a nerd who gets excited about all sorts of lame things. But, if you’re actually visiting my blog, you have probably already figured that out about me. :)

I love hand-me-downs. Always have - probably because I was the only girl growing up and hand-me-downs were always more of a bonus than a staple. Recently my sister-in-law cleaned out her son's closet and my little guy was lucky enough to inherit the motherload of awesome hand-me-down clothes! He also inherits all of his brother's old stuff as well. As far as clothing goes, the kid is set for quite a while. The only things I’ll need to buy him are shoes. Woohoo! For some reason, now that I am shopping for 4 kids, it just isn’t as much fun anymore – feels like another tedious mommy chore.

Check out all the dress clothes - he’ll never have to wear the same outfit to church more than twice. :)

This abundance of new garb left me no choice but to sort through and box up all of the clothes that he has outgrown. I am hoping another little nephew of mine will be able to use some of them, and his mom will be spared a few trips to the mall (and Target & Old Navy) as well. She too, is now clothing 4 little people herself. Who has time for the mall anyway, right? I hope my brother won't be too disappointed, I know how he loves to shop. :)

And as always, there will still be plenty left for the D.I. Some clothes are past their prime after just one child...

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Thanks for the goods!

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Amy 'n Mike said...

What a haul!! Lucky girl! I completely appreciate hand-me-downs with all my girls. I agree with you that shopping isn't as much fun with four. It seems like I can't buy something for just one of them beccause the others feel it's "not fair!"