Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Drive

The autumn Sunday drive has become an annual tradition for us.
  This morning we headed up one of the local canyons, and this is what we found.

I didn't have my fancy camera, just my point and shoot, but I think it did all right.

Love this time of year. Oh, how I LOVE it.

( case you were wondering)


Deb said...

I love your autumn pictures. I remember them from last year too. We don't have that many deciduous trees in my part of the world so I love to see your pictures full of colour!

Brenda said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing! It's a treat!

onlymehere said...

Me too. I love the colors and the crisp feel in the air. I love the sound of the dried leaves blowing across the road when I go to my in-laws' house! Love it.

eamylove said...

Just gorgeous!!! What state are you from? We have beautiful fall scenes here in PA, too, but our leaves are just starting to turn colors here. I hope they'll be as fabulous as yours look.

Gina said...

Oh the beauty and splendor of His creation! Thank you for sharing the awesome pics in Utah ... we are from western NY and the colors are just starting to show up :O) I found your blog by searching for bar-stool-makeovers ... LOVE what you did with yours ... you ending comments of that post are priceless ...
"Now they are as good as new.
Better than new really, because as a mom, new scares me and seriously stresses me out. I know what active young children are capable of doing to nice, new furniture and it's not pretty. With UGLY, we're ahead of the game."
Blessings to you and thank you for inspiring me this Monday morning!

Mama-Bug said...

Your autumn photos are wonderful; the fall colors always inspire me.
Autumn has to be the best season of them all!