Thursday, September 30, 2010

LOVE Quilt

The scrappy LOVE jelly roll quilt is finished. 
 The aqua colored sheet from Target worked like a charm - puckered up nicely after washing
 just like the fabric on the top.   The most challenging part?  Trying to get a good picture of
 the finished product.  This was the best we could do.

A little skiwampus, but I love those feet!  Can you tell we were on our way to a soccer
 game? In fact, the quilt went with us. It was bound, washed and broken in all on the same
 day.  3 games this week and 4 more next week.  That  doesn't include all of the practices.
 We are insane.

And (changing subjects here), I've learned something about myself this week:
Evidently men aren't the only ones who struggle with multi-tasking.
The following is what happened when I attempted to bake cookies while quilting: 
  The recipe clearly states bake for 8-10 minutes, not bake until your 5 year old comes and
 tells you to stop the beeping noise.  Also states, until barely brown.  Oops.

This really is the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe! It has been my go-to-recipe for
 years, and I always get rave reviews (well, almost always).   If you're feeling a little
 sceptical after viewing the crispy specimens above, you can see these cookies on a better day HERE


Sherri said...

LOVE this "Love" quilt...amazing fabrics...some of my fav's...and a great design for them!

Anonymous said...

It turned out beautiful. I went to Target yesterday and bought a couple of clearance sheets and I'm glad to hear they worked out fine.

grendelskin said...

The quilt is beautiful! As for the cookies, well, I get that alot in my hosue too. Good thing we have timers to alert the kids, eh?

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt!! I also love love love your blog!! I started this same pattern on a quilt this morning and I have blogged about it and about your blog! I want to share you with all my friends!

Have a great day!

Des said...

i'm so glad i didn't look at this quilt again before i started mine! i would have been depressed. I needed to make one quick and so i cut everything bigger. I do love it, but oh i love yours soooo much more. i think i'll make the next one for ME and use the smaller strips.

just gorgeous!!

Angie said...


Lovie said...

Found you thru Sunny Morning Farm Blog. And I love this quilt. About the cookies - at least it was the oven timer and not the fire alarm. Just give them extra milk to wash them down with.