Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Belated Oregon Part 2

Things have been a little chaotic lately with church stuff, school stuff, and running kids around for all the extra stuff.  I haven't had time to work on anything new. Most days I'm just trying to stay afloat. But I thought it was time to post something, just to prove I haven't completely abandoned ship.  I was looking through our Oregon vacation pictures again, and I found a few more favorites.  Since there hasn't been a whole lot of camera action lately (of the non soccer game variety), I thought I would share.  Hope you don't mind reminiscing with me.

The sun rising somewhere over Idaho (we left home at 4 am - the kids slept until Boise).

 Multnomah Falls just outside of Portland, on the Columbia River Gorge.
 Our first real stop after driving all day long.   Felt so good to stretch those legs!

We spent the first night in Portland. The next day we visited
 the International Rose Test Gardens.  Beautiful & free to boot.

I was hoping to convince all of my traveling companions to visit the Japanese Gardens across
the street,  but there were no takers.  Just another excuse to visit again.

A few drive-by shots of  Portland.

Our last stop before heading to the coast was the Portland Temple.
 My grandfather did much of the carpentry work on this temple when it was being built.
We looked down and saw that our youngest had taken off her shoes and pants
and was about to go for a swim in one of the fountains at the temple.

Somewhere between Portland and Lincoln City.

I love taking pictures out the front window while we're driving. 
All I can say about this one is we're definitely not in the desert anymore.

These pictures were taken inside the model home in the community where we were staying.
 I think they nailed the beach house look.

More of the beach.

We had a few crabby adventures:

She loved the shore crabs at the Yaquina Head tide pools.

The tinier the better.
We were all in awe of this enormous Japanese spider crab at the aquarium in Newport.  Holy huge!

Menfolk trying to figure out how to catch some crabs for dinner.

We were given a raw chicken drumstick for bait.  Gross.

Proof that the sun does occasionally shine on the coast.

Tillamook High School - they are the "Cheesemakers" complete with cows grazing in the
field behind the bleachers.

Local tide pools at sunset.

And lastly, the nerdy family picture.  Love that while we are all acting like total dorks,
 our two year old is checking out the view.

Hopefully things will calm down soon and I can start posting in real time again.