Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Hike

What do overly ambitious moms do when their kids are off school for fall recess?
We hit the trail.

On Friday morning my sister-in-laws and I decided to take our offspring on a jaunt through the colorful woods for a dip in the hot spring pools.  It seemed like a good idea...we had a great time on the same hike last year (except for the little snake incident).

However, this year there were a few kinks.  We didn't realize how much of a help the men really were last year.  When you are carrying a backpack with lunch and drinks for 5, plus swimsuits and towels, as well as a small child who is too tired to walk anymore, fun is no longer part of the equation. It was a long hike up to the pools (UP being the key word) .

When we reached our destination, it felt so good to sit in a shady spot, eat our lunches and watch
 the kids splash in the pools.
We were having a nice break, until the hornets arrived.

Two of our kids, my oldest and my nephew, were stung, and the stinging wouldn't stop.  They were miserable, so we decided to pack it up and head back down.

My two year old was walking slowly so we fell behind the rest of the group. I was holding her hand when I tripped over a rock and we both went flying (I'm kind of klutzy).  She hit her mouth and was bleeding, my legs and hand were beat up and we were still probably a mile from the parking lot. Ugh. I ended up carrying her (& my back pack) the rest of the painful way down. I have never been so happy to see our minivan.  Even the kids were grateful to see this adventure come to an end. They all completely crashed on the way home.

Not exactly one of our finer moments, but it was a beautiful day! :)
Note to Self:   As much as you love the fall foliage, next year consider the pumpkin patch.


Mama-Bug said...

What lovely scenery on your hike. The warm pools would feel good on my worn out knees! It might have been a rough hike but one I'm sure the kids will always remember. The next time you're in a pharmacy ask them about sting-kill, it works wonders on bee or wasp stings immediately. I carry them any time I'm hiking or in the woods.

onlymehere said...

Oh my, you did have a rough spot or two on this hike. I'm glad it all turned out well though in the end when you got back safely to your minivan. In years to come though this will become one of their cherished memories. I can't believe that some of the memories my kids hold most dear are of times like this!

pamela said...

Pamela says 'outch! what an adventure, I so enjoyed reading this post and can't stop smiling. It's the sort of outing that becomes a family milestone, a memory you can all recall and embroider (how scary, how daring we were!). Love it and great pictures!

Rosina said...

I just love reading your blog :) We've been enjoying the fall foliage so much to and it really does call you into the woods doesn't it! The kids and I have so many leaves collected right now that I'm not sure where we're going to keep them but it's so worth it to see them have fun finding them all :) I hope that your next foray out on the trails will be a little less painful! Hugs.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

I am super jealous of you!! I wish we had a hot spring like that around here!! I am sure I might would even hike to it if it was close by! Looks like a lot of fun!

As always I am in awe of your gorgeous foilage! I think I am going to pack my bags and run on out there for a visit before the leaves all fall off!! Can we go to the springs?? Please!!