Friday, May 6, 2011

Country Living

I have been a subscriber of Country Living magazine for years.  I save my favorites copies.  Recently I came across an oldie - September 2004.  I flipped through it for a second and came to the above 2 page spread of residential bliss. A total dream house.  Seriously.  It meets so many requirements on my wish list and particularly nails location.  I don't dream about McMansions, I dream about idyllic settings.
I also like looking at house plans (it's genetic) . If you, too, like to dream about houses with porches, Stephen Fuller Designs is a fun site full of possibilities. 
This one has always been a favorite of mine.

The May 2011 edition of Country Living (the most recent) had an article on vintage Pyrex.

I happen to have some of the same designs as the ones photographed in the article!

 A couple of items came from thrifting, but most came from family (stuff they were throwing out).  I am always on the lookout for more.  The people at Pyrex really need to find a way to bring back the folksy color!

A few years ago, there was an article featuring a red dresser.  I still remember the story - a lady found it on the side of the road and brought it home with her. It was quirky, colorful and an example of how you don't need to spend big money to furnish your home with character.
 We recently refinished one of our old master bedroom dressers for our 5 year old son.  We used spray paint this time.  I wanted to antique it, but my hubby wasn't on board.  I think he is tiring of the old look.  It doesn't have as much aged character as the one from the magazine but it's a another item to check off the to-do-list.  Sometimes, just finishing something feels like an accomplishment.

The denim quilts I made about 5 (or 6?!) years ago are still hanging in there. One of these days I'll get around to sewing something new for my boys! :)

 Have a happy Mother's Day weekend!


Des said...

*sigh* love those pretty pyrex-es? Pyrex-i?

Cute levi quilt!!
Aren't you at Disneyland yet?
Stop dreaming and get on the road!

Garden of Egan said...

I love the levi quilt!!!!

You are amazing.

Happy Mothers Day to you!

heidivee said...

Girl, I think we are sisters from another mother. And father. I think we were sisters in the past life or something. I have your Stephen Fuller houseplan bookmarked from the last time you led me there. It is seriously my dream house. Some day... Thanks for being so inspiring to me.

Short Poems said...

Great post and really beautiful images!

Take care

Sheila said...

I have a bad case of the Pyrex addiction myself! I can't decide if I'm happy about seeing it in print or not...if other people get the bug then there will be less out there for me to find! It looks like you have some lovely pieces in your collection. :)

Misty said...

I love your denim quilt. I'm going to start one of my own. I'm curious as to how big you cut your squares for it! It's darling!

Anonymous said...

Love the denim quilt.I want to make one also. How big did you cut your blocks?