Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Greetings

 (our frozen valley)
It's been a while since I've been here, and I have rather poor excuses to offer. We've been busy, but so has everyone else. Doesn't it always seem like busy is the one consistent word we all use to describe the holiday season? I wish it wasn't so. I would trade it for peaceful. Although, years from now when our children are grown and enveloped in busy lives of their own, I will probably remember with fondness these chaotic years with little ones.

When things finally calmed down enough to post again, I was informed I had used up all my photo storage space with blogger, so I couldn't post pictures (I guess updating our family blog sucked up the last bit of memory). Posting seemed kind of pointless. Especially when considering it was with a promise of more pictures to come that I last signed off. So I stayed away even longer, and have been hibernating instead.  Laying low for a bit is how I best recover from the holidays.
Besides, it has been too cold to go anywhere!

However, I think I have finally fixed my picture posting problem, so I'll  be back again soon, with pictures as promised.  Meanwhile, I hope you all are staying warm!