Monday, November 22, 2010

November on the Washington Coast

We were curious.
We wanted to know if the Washington Coast was as beautiful as the Oregon Coast.
We have a big anniversary coming up next month,
but since it is almost impossible leave 4 kids the week of Christmas and New Year's,
we decided to celebrate early.
And set off (with raincoats and muck boots) to find out for ourselves.

Question answered.
Just as BEAUTIFUL...
In a wilder sort of way.
And completely solitary.
 If you want the coastline to yourself,
go in November.

Plus, all the wonders of Olympic National Park and the rain forest were just around the riverbend.
More pictures to come...when things aren't so crazy around here.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Brenda said...

Your pictures are wonderful! Thanks for the tour, I would love to visit someday!

Des said...

My anniversary is next month too! Something about getting married between BYU's break. :)

Should have left when you did. Now we're snowed in. We have hopes of celebrating 25 yrs at Disneyland but I don't know if the weather will permit.

Love your photos!

Heather Ingalls said...

I was born and raised in WA. LOVED the coast. It was my second home. Your lovely pictures bring back so many memories.

water retention in dogs said...

You take such beautiful photos. I hope you have an exhibition someday.