Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Vintage Block a Day

I thought I would share the progress on my latest quilt.  My five year old helped me draw up the pattern for this queen sized (more like crib sized right now) quilt.  We were just tinkering around drawing "stairs" on graph paper, and we played around with it until it morphed into the following, dog eared, pattern.

I am using all of my favorite vintage sheets with Kona Ash (again) for the sashing - I loved the soft neutrality it gave to the jelly roll quilt amidst all those colorful fabrics.  With this one, it lets both the fabrics with white backgrounds, and those with colored, stand out.

The goal has been to finish at least one block a day, but I'll admit I've skipped a few days here and there. Only 8 out of the 30 blocks are finished.

I need to get cracking - holiday craziness is rapidly approaching!  Just to prove it...Snow is falling out my window as I type this, Christmas music is playing on the radio (not a CD), every store I've been to this week is all decked out in holiday finery, my kids have decorated our refrigerator with their wish lists, and according to eBay, only 45 shopping days left! Yikes! Are you ready for this?

And to show you more craziness, this was taken when a freak snow storm blew in a few days before Halloween...

(my daughter was completely oblivious to the fact she was wearing a boy's snowsuit - wonder how long that will last?)

Judging by the huge flakes coming down right now, we could be back on the hill this afternoon!


Di~ said...

Cute kids (I love it when siblings look alike) and love the quilt beginnings!

My Cozy Cubby said...

You'll have it done in no time! I need to get me some of that graph paper.
I am NOT ready for the white stuff. Seems I never am. Living someplace where it doesn't snow sounds very appealing to me! Despite what others may say, I don't think I'd miss the cold fluff one bit!

Des said...

You're killing me AGAIN!!!
I love it. Okay, I'm getting a BOLT of Kona ash.

water retention in dogs said...

she's warm so..