Saturday, February 21, 2009

I dream in Color

I dream in wildflower color...

Domesticated flower color...
And, I dream of the days when our flower beds looked like this, and the above flowers were in bloom...This bout of daydreaming has been brought on by the abundance of colorful seed catalogs in the mailbox of late.
My favorite is Wildseed Farms, where you can buy seeds by the beefy ounce (& even pound), not the usual flimsy envelope...

After gazing at all of this floral eye candy, I felt prompted to take a little walk around our own dreary yard. This is what I found. Hold on.... Do you see it?

A miniscule splash of breathtakingly, fresh COLOR, and this time I’m not dreaming.
***Beautiful photo at the top of this post found here***


Beth at Aunties said...

I am going for a walk about. The cars are being washed and it is a balmy 53 degrees:)

I knew she would soon appear.

Rachel said...

So pretty! Sigh.... I so look forward to spring.