Friday, February 13, 2009

Garden Party Carrying Case

Sometimes the similarities between my life and famous (best selling in fact) literature are simply uncanny. My six year old daughter LOVES the pink Nintendo DS she was given for Christmas, she just isn’t the best at keeping track of it. A few weeks ago it completely disappeared. We couldn't find it anywhere, so of course major drama ensued. As we were searching high & low, I came upon this literary masterpiece:

Like any good read, I was immediately drawn in by the title and the picture on the front cover. The similarities between the main character and someone in my own life were amazing.

I devoured the entire book in one setting. I also managed to solve the mystery a few minutes later. Although I enjoyed my little reading break, I did NOT enjoy hunting down the missing (& expensive!) DS. I decided it was time to make a carrying case. It turned out so well I also made one for my son, and for my friend Mindy (yes the same one who talked me into singing Eye of the Tiger), who evidently shares many of the same interests as my 6 & 9 year old kiddos. Time to set up that playdate.

This is the one I made for my friend, & my personal favorite - probably because I LOVE the Garden Party fabric line (the 2 floral prints) by Anna Maria Horner.

When you unfold the case, there is a large pocket for the DS on one side, and three rows of pockets for storing games on the other side. Kind of makes me wish I had a DS of my own.


heidivee said...

AWESOME! Once again, I am awed by your talent. And your choice of fabrics... FABULOUS!

beth at aunties said...

Again my ingenius daughter strikes GOLD again! The DS covers turned out so wonderful. You should open up an your own Etsy shop and make all of us some big bucks:-)
Each one you have made looks awesome and I love how you have taliored each one to the person.
Hey I really NEED a new scripture bag...could you tackle that one?

Love you!

Deck The HALLS of HOME with JOY! said...

CUTE, very CUTE!
I agree with your Mom, I think you would sale a lot of those! I have the same problem right now with a Ipod! It has been lost for months now, my son is so sad!

MJ said...

Oh my goodness...I love it! My mom (she's 48! Haha!) got a DS for Christmas...she loves the Brain Age game. This would be a fantastic birthday present for her! Do you mind sharing more specifics on how you made it? Thanks for your wonderful ideas! :)

Hideaway Girl said...

MJ, I'll probably need to write up a tutorial to truly explain how to make these. The dimensions of the main fabric rectangles when cut out were 7 1/2" X 9 1/2". Both of these were lined with interfacing and I also put a layer of batting in the middle. I lined all of the pockets & the handles with interfacing as well. Not much info, but I hope this helps. The next time I make one I'll take pictures of the process.

mindy said...

hey that's my case! LOVE IT!! is the play date for me or my kids?