Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Honey . . . I'm home!

Tonight I went out to dinner with some friends from high school. So much fun to see them & hear about their lives. We started talking about blogs, and Facebook. A whole lot about Facebook - what's up with that? I know I am probably the only person in the free world not doing it, but I'm kind of afraid to try. Sounds like another time consuming addiction just waiting to happen. Anyway, they wanted to know why I quit posting on this blog. After I got over my surprise, because it always is a little bit surprising and a wee bit embarassing to know that someone from my real life has dropped by, I tried to explain my reasons for taking a break. Truth be told, I couldn't exactly say for sure and every excuse that came out of my mouth sounded lame. Except for time, which is always a legitimate reason.

Lately there have been things I would have liked to share, and I have found myself composing blog posts in my mind. It has become apparent to me that the only way to clear my head of these thoughts is by setting them free. So free they will be.

My blogging break was not as restful, or as productive as I had hoped for a couple of reasons: the Holidays (crazy running around) and illness. For The last few months, my life has been completely dominated by cruel & chronic ear infections. Not my ears (I only wish), but hers...

She has been one miserable little bambina. However, the reign of Otitis Media terror is over. Last week she not only had her first birthday, she also had tubes put in her ears. She is not our first to go through this. Our six year old also had tubes, and they were such a lifesaver. I am looking forward to the return of our happy baby! I hate seeing my any of my kiddos suffer, whether it is physical pain or just hurt feelings.

(in her mini hospital gown ready for surgery)

So until I begin to feel like a blog slave again, I might actually post every once in a while. Or, if life gets crazy, maybe not. We'll see.