Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who's that girl?

Do you recognize this girl?
I know her. The first time I saw this Mary Engelbreit gem in a Home Companion magazine, I immediately saw my six year old daughter staring back at me. When I showed it to her, she laughed. She too, recognized a little bit of her own feisty spirit. The more I look at it, the more I see a bit of myself. There are days when I probably wear a similar expression. Days when I need an attitude adjustment of my own. Motherhood has been intense lately. My oldest 2 have been on a school break for the past 3 weeks (year round). It’s always nice at first - sleeping in, no homework, no rushing about. Not so nice at this point. If they would all just get along it would be a different story, but they like to bug each other when they're bored. And to top it off, my two youngest have both been up a lot during the night. Being sleep deprived does not increase my patience. I feel like I’m up to my knees in frazzled mom quicksand and the only thing that will keep me from being swallowed whole is school starting back up on Monday morning. So until that blissful moment next week when sanity is restored, this feisty girl will be my reminder to lighten up.

I've been trying to make progress on my latest quilt, but it's coming along rather slowly. Hmm. I wonder why.


heidivee said...

LOVE the cute pic of the not-so-happy girl. It'a adorable. And that quilt is going to be AMAZING. My favorite colors are in there. And Pinwheels are my new fave.
And I am sorry you are having crappy frazzled mom days. It must be something in the air. At least it takes all 4 of your kids to make you nuts. For me, it only takes one. One little stinker and I am reduced to tears. So, hang in there, mama...only a couple more days!! :) Oh, and get some sleep, too. That always helps me.

Jamie said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!

melanie said...

Hey Natalie I didn't know you blogged! What great insight to your younger self. I understand what you mean about the break. I am so ready for tomorrow. So is Mikaela. I don't think I challenge her enough. And when i suggest any extra study all I hear is groans. I can't win.