Friday, November 14, 2008

Delightful Diapering?

OK, the name of this post was just a teaser (as well as an oxymoron). In all my diapering experience (4 kids worth), I have never considered the task to be delightful. However on this last go around, I have been delighted with our changing table. It was part of a vintage dresser/desk set that we found in the online classifieds. We painted both pieces white with a brush (this was before we had discovered spray paint), and they turned out pretty good, & for much less $ than the sets at the furniture store.

I made a slip cover for the old changing table pad with some of the extra fabric squares I had cut out when making the crib quilt (I must have way over-cut). One thing I have noticed about the 4th child is the abundance of hand-me downs. Lil' sis even inherited a hand-me-down nursery palette from her older sister. Lavender and aqua, because that's what I had the most of in my fabric stash when I was doing all of my frantic last minute nesting.

I have enjoyed storing the diapers and other diapering gear in these ornately detailed drawers.
However, this has been my favorite view of all...
The sad thing is this picture was taken 4 months ago and she is way too squirmy now for this to work. The days of delightful diapering have come and gone!
I wish they didn't grow so fast! I am feeling guilty for complaining in my last post. I know the time will come when I will even miss the crazy days!


3 Docs and A Diva said...

Her cute room is adorable, bright and cheery. You never cease to amaze me with all your wonderful talents. Most of all by the wonderful wife, mom and friend to all.
Her quilt is beautiful. Yet, I have to agree the best picture you posted was posted is your precious little one!

Deck The Halls-A Happy Valentines! said...

I had a desk just like that growing up! I love what you did to it! I saw it on Aunt Beth's blog! Good Job! It's Beautiful!