Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn Bliss

Just so pretty, I had to share. There is a lesser known canyon in the south/west corner of our valley that is absolutely breathtaking right now. Every fall we take a Sunday morning drive up this little canyon to admire the beautiful fall foliage. The leaves may not be changing down where we live, but autumn has arrived in full splendor up in the mountains. The top picture is from the same week last year, and the bottom two are from yesterday. Right now there is still a lot of green, so I think it will be beautiful for a few more weeks. If you know which canyon I'm talking about and are tempted to check it out, take a picnic - just over the top and down a little on the other side, there are some picnic areas. Beautiful!!


em's scrapbag said...

Don't you just love fall. All the lovely colors. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Kevin said...

Butterfield Canyon is no secret! Looking at the fall foliage in the MOUNTAINS makes me homesick!