Friday, June 20, 2008

Pounding the pavement = Pounding head

Earlier this week I was going to do this big bragadocious post about my new early morning running ritual. I’m so glad I didn’t, because I would be eating those words right now if I had. My friend (who also just had a baby 4+ months ago) has initiated a neighborhood running group with big ½ marathon plans for August. Seemed like a good idea, I’ve got some postpartum belly chub I wouldn’t be loathing to part with (it seems, with each subsequent pregnancy the Metabolic Gods are a little less generous). The plan was 6:00 a.m. Mon. Weds. and Fri. with long runs on Saturday. As far as actual running went, things were going well. I was able to run a lot farther than I thought and I wasn’t getting side aches like I did when I was younger. We were doing 3 miles a day, with some minimal walking. They said for a beginner I was doing great and I was feeling like pretty hot running shtuff, that is until the vertigo set in. After the run on Monday I pretty much felt like crap all day long (tired and dizzy), and thought it was due to sleep deprivation. Still felt the same on Tuesday (a non running day with a night of good sleep). On Wednesday, being the big idiot that I am, I ran again (almost 3 miles). All day long, the world around me seemed to be spinning. By that afternoon I was experiencing visual disturbances like a migraine aura and there was a dull ache in my head. Thursday was the same, even without running. This morning I stayed in bed and slept in, and tomorrow I’ll be doing the same. Have to admit, I am feeling a little bit better (only slightly dizzy).

The verdict: I am hanging up those running shoes. I’d rather be sporting around a few extra inches around my waist, than constantly feeling like I just took a ride on a roller coaster. I think deep down I've always known I am not the athletic type - gardening is more my thing. :)

FYI: Even though running seems to be the obvious culprit, I have scheduled a Dr. appt. to help silence the hypochondriac within.


Cher said...

We are so glad you are going to go check out those hypochondriac feelings. You can never be to safe. Dad is sorry he passed the “aura and flashing light head ache’ gene down to you.
Sweetie, you look beautiful. . .Now we want you to feel great too!
As for the 1/2 marathon, you already run that one daily just by being a mom to four beauty humans!

Stephanie said...

We are going to miss you Natalie, but better to be safe than sorry!!