Friday, June 20, 2008

Cherries, Please

Just felt like sharing a little snippet of summertime. I love the food of summer - especially if you can grow it or grill it. My current delight - fresh cherries. Tres delicious, not to mention completely irresistible. Nobody at our house has been able to pass by this bowl without snagging a handful, and we've got the purple stained fingertips (and a few chins) to prove it.


Cher said...

They do taste delicious and is a favorite over here also~go figure:)
I am glad your kiddles love to eat whats yummy and healthy for them... Stained chins and fingertips can always be washed and kissed.

Rachel said...

Hey, I just read your mom's blog about Rex's birthday. I LOVED that highschool picture. It made me chuckle! You guys were adorable though. Cute couple then and now! Your family is so cute! Hope all is well.