Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Time in the Desert 2011

Every Spring we vacation in Southern Utah - it is one of our favorite traditions.  It signifies the end of one  season and the beginning of another. The end of winter and the busy season at work for my husband, and the reawakening of life. Winter is tough on our family.  We are not our our true selves unless we are running free in the wide open, with the sunshine bouncing off our shoulders, exploring the beautiful world we live in.  It felt so good to be free again. Since I love looking at travel pictures (always looking for new ideas), and those of scenic beauty, I thought I would share a few.  All of the pictures below were taken at Pioneer Park above St. George, or in Snow Canyon.

(sis in-law feeling brave)


Of course, one of our favorite things to do is play in the sand dunes.  This sand is some of the softest ever - felt like heaven to walk on bare foot.
Can you see my nephew's head in the picture below?

The boys made it to the other side of this slot canyon.  Makes me feel a little queasy just thinking about it.

The people look like ants in this one:

Bring on the next road trip!

And, while we are on the subject of vacations, this is where we found our next home away from home.
I am completely sold on vacation rentals, especially when traveling with little ones.

(to see last year's version of Spring Time in the Desert, go here - we visited Zion's National Park & the scenery was amazing)


Mama-Bug said...

Wonderful photos! I can see why you love to vacation there.

onlymehere said...

Can you believe I've lived most of my life in Utah and have never made it to Southern Utah to see these beautiful parks? I drove on the outer edges of it once while going to Southern California, once! Love your pictures. I had no idea that they had soft sand there either to play in. Sigh, I really should travel down there and see it.

- Rekkehuset - said...

Awsome landscape. Something completly different from Norway where I live. Fantastic pictures.