Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Little Projects

My oldest daughter just celebrated her 9th birthday (cannot believe how fast it goes by!).  For some reason, her birthday tends to bring out the sewist in me.  Last year, I went all out.  This year I managed  a little more moderation.  Instead of a quilt, I made a festive little bunting out of my growing pile of vintage sheet scraps.

The girl loves to read.  I like to think it is a trait she inherited from me. :)  She also adores all things pertaining to owls, wolves, dragons, Harry Potter...I could go on.  Just depends on what she's reading. I was inspired by this beach tote, and decided to make her a personalized book bag for road trips. 

On her birthday, I checked her out of school and we went out to lunch and to Barnes and Noble to pick out a few new literary treasures. Is there anything better than a book store?!

  Here's the back:

I also found the cutest art print on Etsy.  Too perfect to pass up.

 As for bigger projects, I haven't forgotten about the Bliss quilt. I want to throw a bit of hand quilting into the mix, and just haven't had the time to hunker down with it.

Plus, I've been a little distracted by something new.  Maybe someday I'll learn to finish one project before starting another.

  But, probably not.