Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh, the places we've been

Another reason that quilt is not getting worked on...we haven't been home.

We've spent time at our favorite little cabin.

Up past Park City, this pretty reservoir (Jordanelle) and a few mountain towns.

On the banks of the now calm Provo River.

And across a dusty lane from this even calmer one.

Where it snows in July - flakes of cotton that make our eyes itch and daddy sneeze.

We hug trees, because we feel like it.

Play with our brothers & sisters without fighting and screaming (such a happy little captive).

Catch tadpoles with cousins - the best company.

Go on lovely walks and talk, and talk, which makes them all the lovelier (and humor mom by letting her take our picture).

But mostly we run wild because the air, which smells of willow and pine and all good things, is clean and intoxicating and the path ahead wide open.

We run until the sun sets, the thirsty geeters begin feasting, and the lone owl awakes and watches from above.
We'll be back for more this weekend.

We've also been to our favorite lake, spur-of-the-moment.

 Sunday, after church and meetings, we just decided to load up our tent and supplies and head out - my husband had the next couple of days off for a scout camp he no longer needed to attend. So, crossing our fingers, hoping we would be able to find an available campground, we headed north. We passed through some our favorite places from the past.

Sardine Canyon

Wellsville (I would live here in a heart beat). 

Logan and Logan Canyon

The stars were aligned - we found the perfect camp site in the campground that was number one on our list.

We set up camp in time to catch a gorgeous sunset over Bear Lake.

And then of course could not resist driving down to the lake to see the sunset over the mountains.

Such an unforgettably beautiful evening.  We took the boardwalk down to the beach and stayed there until the pink skies turn dark. 
Then it was back to the campground for roasted marshmallows, stars galore and cozy sleeping quarters.  Everyone slept so well. 

The next morning we awoke to the chorus of the forest, ate breakfast and headed back down to the lake.

Mondays are awesome days for the beach - it wasn't too crowded.

We played until the winds became too gusty and then we hit our favorite little drive-in for shakes and fries and a little drive around the lake to look for the perfect, in our dreams, cabin spot.
Spot found.

Then it was time to pack up.  On the way home we made a few stops, including Tony Grove in Logan Canyon.  One of  our favorite fishing holes from our college days.

Such a peaceful mountain lake.

Then it was back through Cache Valley where we stopped for pizza at our favorite little dive of a pizza joint and a visit with my husbands grandparents who are 87 & 90 years old and going strong - 2 of our favorite people.

It was the pefect little getaway.  I think more spontaneous camping trips are in our future.


Lastly, yesterday morning my sister-in-law called and asked if we (me & the kids) wanted to go hiking with her and her boys. My oldest daughter had been running a fever the day before and was feeling better, just kind of zapped so I left her and my youngest with my awesome mom and headed up to a local hike (Bells Canyon) with my 2 boys.

The hike was supposed to be easy, and probably would have been if it hadn't been straight up-hill, in full sun when it was 90+ degrees outside.  For a while there, I wondered if my little guy  (& myself - let's be honest) would make it, but finally we were up and over the final ridge and this is what we found.

How is it possible that this is right here, so close to home and I have never been here before?

The first thing we all did was shed our socks and shoes and put our hot feet in the cool water.  Felt amazing!  It wasn't long before the boys shed everything else but their boxers and dove in.  Those pictures are the best but my son would kill me if I posted them.

They had to quickly hide behind a tree when a group of hikers (girls!) came our way.

Their shorts came back on after that.

Next time I will bring a swim suit.  I was half tempted to jump in fully clothed.

Loved spending time with my boys!

Here's one more I found on my son's camera from a little boating trip he and his dad went on with some friends.  Guess they jump off cliffs when mom's not around. 

Are you sick of seeing Utah yet? There have been more outings, but this post is a beast, and there are dishes to do and laundry to fold. Must work today because tomorrow it is play, play, play.


Beth at Aunties said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the cabin and all the glorious mountain air. Dad and I LOVED this post and had to chuckle at the cousins.

So many beautiful sights to see.

All we can say is BUILD, BUILD, BUILD! Gorgeous site!

Enjoy your day!

Des said...

*sigh* you almost make me wish that i camped. almost.
is it your birthday?? Happy Birthday.
Mine was last week too. 7/11!!!

i think we'll be at a quilt retreat near bear lake in the fall. i've never been there, looks like it will be gorgeous!

Heather Ingalls said...

You make me hungry for camping and road trips! I love taking pictures while I am driving too. Just a few more weeks and I think we will be up for such adventures. Love your picture stories.

My Cozy Cubby said...

You ready for school yet? I agree, it's hard to get motivated with this heat.