Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chasing Summer

Summer is upon us in full force and we are in pursuit of capturing as many fleeting moments of this magical time of year as possible. The last day of school was Friday, July 2nd and the kids go back to school on July 26th. Not exactly a true summer vacation - not even close. This is when year round school seems like cruel & unusual punishment. But we will try and make the most of these three short weeks.

This past weekend we headed back up to Idaho, this time to Boise, for my niece’s baptism. Here are some of my favorite out the window shots from this little trip.

The journey looked a little ominous in the beginning. (can you believe that sky!?!)

But the gloomy clouds above (reminded me of a hovering mothership) gave way to harmonious skies & we had a wonderful weekend. 

Boise is a charming little city.  This is the view from the train depot.

Found another dreamy car, appropriately decked out for Independence Day to boot.

We survived 10 hours of driving in 2 days and after a having a fun time grilling, pool partying and 
watching contraband fireworks with a bunch of crazy Idahoan pyros, we are home again.
We basically live outside this time of year, especially now that our trees are filling in and the backyard finally has some shady spots to hide under.

Some of my favorite flowers are currently in bloom.  Lavender is heavenly scented and easy on the eyes.
This one particular plant is at least 5 feet across. This whole section of the yard smells like paradise.

The daylilies are out in droves, doing their flashy thing.

Speaking of pursuit, I spend the bulk of my day chasing after one thing in particular.

She wears me out, but I love being front and center as she discovers the world.

Despite the shortness of the summer break and the chaos of kids running wild,
high on freedom, I'll do my best to not complain.  I'll embrace it.
  Embrace this curious little girl  & her 3 older, energetic sidekicks.

In summer, the song sings itself.  ~ James Russell Lowell


Beth at Aunties said...

Perfect pictures for the promise of a perfect summer.

Des said...

alrighty....i'm headed to Boise on Sunday and I might just take my camera and try to see what you see. :)

Your pictures are amazing and beautiful. i don't know if my little kodak will do the job, but then again, i don't know that it will be THAT pretty either.

But i shall go with an open mind......*opening mind*

Kim said...

I loved this post. Gorgeous flowers and an even more gorgeous daughter!

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Sorry if this gets posted twice. That last picture is soo adorable! I'm sure you'll keep it in a very special place to display on the little one's wedding day! GReat pictures and beautiful quilt too!