Friday, January 8, 2010


Winter can be beautiful, but it's a beauty I appreciate more the less I am exposed to it. Lately all I want to do is curl up in velour sweat pants, with my favorite micro-mink throw (George Costanza would understand both these choices) in front of a roaring fire, nose in a book. Although sometimes sitting over a heater vent works just as well.

Went to the library a few days ago and came home with a stack of books and a handful of DVDs - the delicious kind that you'll never find at RedBox like the never before seen by me, Monarch of the Glen Season 7 (yep, still a geek).

Wednesday I read this...

Very pleased with it - until I discovered the other book by the same author, which is on reserve for me, is the PRE-quel. Reading them out of order drives me NUTS.

Spent Thursday putting the house back together so I could spend all day today reading this one...

Also really good. Love this series. I've never been a leisurely reader. I wolf them down, and then I want more.

What were my little peeps doing while I was feasting on the written word?

Whipping up some eggs. Seriously, this rockin' little man played with Play-Doh for hours. Played until what started out as 20 new colorful containers morphed into one big brown blob on the center of the kitchen island, with rainbow Play-Doh confetti blanketing the kitchen floor. What a MESS! But I was able to read a novel, in its entirety.

And, because I don't know how to read on an empty stomach, I took a break to make this.

Three loaves of 10 grams of fat per slice, pumpkin perfection. Thank goodness my foodie resolution was in regards to caffeinated soda and not dessert. Sure, the recipe read Pumpkin Bread, but I'm no fool - it was dessert.

Well I'm off - have a hot date with some micro-mink and a Scottish Laird.

Hope January is treating you well.


3 Docs and A Diva said...

YUM...^,^ The bread and the Laird!:)

Janelle said...

My mouth is watering for pumpkin bread!

I've enjoyed the Maisie Dobbs, books, too--haven't gotten to "Among the Mad" yet, though.

Gotta love a good George Costanza reference, LOL. This is definitely good weather for cozying up and getting some reading done!

Amanda said...

Hurray for reading! Looks like I need to add some books to my list :) Just finished Graceling and Fire by Kristin Cashore. I highly recommend both! And I love that I'm not the only one who "abandons" my kids to read a great book!

heidivee said...

You are adorable, lady. Thanks for the book recommendations. I'll be getting those this week. :) But I have to clean house tomorrow, and I mean REALLY clean house before I'll let myself take a few days off to devour some books. Can D-man play this week? T-bug is going thru withdrawls. :)

My Cozy Cubby said...

Love those cozy socks. I have several and wear them all day long!
I'm just about done with winter. When's the snow going to melt already?!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

You will LOVE the pre-quel! It's even better than round 2 (or round 1, in your case...) ;) One of my all-time favorite books!

Also, I adored your comment on the modeling stuff. I had the same experience with being sent to the counselor...twice, actually. Urgh.

Thanks for sharing. It brightened my day. :)