Monday, May 19, 2008


A Little bit about a little dress…

Last month we blessed our baby. Her middle name is Ruth, after her paternal grandmother. For her blessing, she was able to wear the same dress we believe her grandma Ruth wore 60 years ago when she herself was blessed. The dress was made by Ruth’s maternal grandmother Mayme (her great, great grandmother). It was so delicate and beautiful, with embroidery and crocheted lace along the bottom. What a treasure! I could not have found or made a more meaningful blessing dress. Ruth made a sweet little slip and crocheted a headband to match. The top picture is of Ruth dressing her little namesake on her blessing day.

Here are a few more goodies made for our blessed little one. The first is a charm square quilt made by my mom - very retro and fun (Moda’s London Lawns II). Love it!

The pretty purple and pink striped afghan was made by my mother-in-law. The white afghan with the pink stripe was made by husband's grandmother (Mayme's daughter).

The last one is the crib quilt I made to match her room, mostly from lavender and aqua fabrics in my stash (you gotta love the stash).

That's a whole lot of nesting for one little chickadee!

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3 docs & a diva said...

Sweet little Maggie was so lucky to wear a dress which has so much love and beauty sewed into each beautiful stitch by her beloved grandmothers. She is a gift of joy and a blessing to all of us.