Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love at Home

My kids are on a school break right now which means things are crazy (but fun) in our neck of the woods. On Valentine's Day, my two oldest woke up early and surprised me with breakfast in bed - sausage, eggs, pancakes and orange juice.  They were so quiet, I didn't suspect a thing.  I sure do love my little peeps! They had their class Valentine parties before they tracked off, so we spent the day making & eating sugar cookies. We celebrated that evening as a family (my husband and I went out on Saturday) with Chick-Fil-A and Twister - we're not as limber as we used to be!
Pretty romantic, eh? We did watch a Redbox movie after the kids went to bed. :) 

This one probably needs an explanation.  My nickname has always been Nat.  When I was young, the Gnat was my icon -  I would draw a little bug instead of writing my name when I would write notes to my friends.  I made this little gnat in a junior high pottery class a long, LONG time ago. 

Happy belated Valentine's Day!


Garden of Egan said...

Looks like a fun day! The sugar cookies look delicious. I love the gnat.
The fabric squares are yummy!

Mama-Bug said...

Sounds like a great family time together. The sugar cookies look yummy!

My Cozy Cubby said...

Long, long time ago, I babysat a little boy name Nathan. Nate for short, but his nickname was Noot or "newt". So when I think of the name Nate, I picture little lizards.
I made heart shaped sugar cookies last week. There's no way they would have made it to the 14th! So our Valentine's treat was turtle brownies. That's some fun fabric! Ready for Spring yet?!

mindy said...

I remember your gnat, I can't believe you still have it! You're too cool.

Heather Ingalls said...

What a fun Valentines Day! You are so creative lady!