Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things that make me Happy

Fabric on Sale (all on-line)

Last year I really fell for the Arcadia fabric line. But I wasn't on the ball, and by the time I wanted to purchase some, it was hard to find.  Recently I found some bargain honey-buns online. I was thinking the colors would make a great quilt for my oldest son, but he didn't like my selection - said it was "too girly." Seriously. Maybe his younger brother won't care? :)

Love - Not only how I feel about this Amy Butler fabric line, But the actual name of it.  Hancocks of Paducah had Love Jelly Rolls on sale a few weeks ago for 14.98 (now only 9.98 - I just checked).

These prints and colors are fun & bright..

This Nicey Jane was also on sale at Hancocks.  Such a pretty fabric line!

Vintage Sheets

Still crushing on linens from yester-year. 

A few weeks ago when Sew Mama Sew was having their big May Giveaway Day,  I was gearing up to give away 72 6" charms squares of my favorite vintage sheet finds - 2 each of 36 different prints.  There was just a lot going on that week and I wasn't able to get it all pulled together in time.

Now I have this stack of squares and I am kind of glad they're still hanging around.
 I am just itching to play with them.


I spotted these massive pink beauties in my neighbor's yard a few houses down. From a distance, I had no idea what they were, but I was coveting.  After closer inspection I realized they were peonies - but not your typical grandmother's (double flowered) peonies.  Or at least not my grandmother's.  I think they are my next garden must have.

And my absolute favorite flowering tree is in bloom...the Purple Robe Locust.  We have two, although if we had more land (like I dream of) I would plant more.  They grow fast, which in new-ish suburbia,  is a trait I appreciate.

 It's cousin, the Honey Locust, is also in bloom.  The flowers are not much to look at, but it smells heavenly.  We have one on the walk leading up to our front door. 

Lately, if mom has gone missing, they can find me sitting on the front porch just inhaling the fragrance. Especially at night - kind of therapeutic.

So many friends making their apperance.

I am having a hard time focusing on house work - I just want to be outside. 
Oh, how I want to be.


Beth at Aunties said...

Your yard looks beautiful. The flower of the Purple Robe Locust is so pretty! I thought the peonies were a rose:) I have the grandma variety in my yard!

I too am having a hard time staying inside to work...

heidivee said...

Love that Arcadia line. I have a pattern published in a book that just came out, and I made an apron (with a stitching pattern on it) out of that line. And that pic of the sky...gorgeous. And the flowers. And the vintage sheets and that QUILT!...I want to be you when I grow up. My peonies are amazing right now. I wish they would last longer. The few days they are a' bloomin' just aren't enough.