Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blooming Beauties

I am such a gardening geek. I am the truest version of myself with a little dirt under my fingernails, barefoot out working in my flower beds (although I do bathe and wear shoes occasionally). I used to be embarrassed by my enthusiasm for this little hobby of mine, in fact I would duck and hide when my neighbors would drive by so they wouldn’t know just how much time I was spending in my yard and think me crazy, or obsessed. When my oldest was 3 years old he knew the names of every flower in the garden. His friends would come to play and he would take them out back to show them the blossoming hollyhocks the way other kids would brag about a new toy. He was my little worker bee, harvesting seeds and storing them in little plastic bags to plant the following year (poor kid - a geeky little mini-me). I loved being outside with my little plant prodigy. Okay, so maybe I was obsessed. With each addition to our family I’ve spent less and less time out digging in the dirt, and so have my kids. My little guy, who is now 3 years old himself, knows the daisies real well, but that’s just because he’s always picking them. I don’t mind so much because there are SO many of them, and he brings them to me to tuck behind my ear, grinning from his own ear to ear when I do. These days, if my neighbors happen to see me outside I am most likely chasing down one of my kids (& I probably look crazier than ever). I have hardly planted anything new this year. Fortunately there are still some workhorse perennials and self seeders doing their thing (some a little too well). Some plants just seem to thrive under neglect - that's why they are my favorites.


eileen said...

What a pretty pretty blog.

I'm so glad you joined us in the Summer Stash Challenge. I'll add your name to the sidebar, and Ulla will be sending you an inviation to the Flickr Group. Can't wait to see what you come up with. The bumper skirt you made for your daughter is adorable!

Also.. love your garden. :-)

Cherie said...

I love your flowers. I can't say that I would know all the names of flowers, but I loved my vegetable garden. My neighbors laughed at how much I was out there with my plants. They are addicting. I used to laugh at my Dad. He would come home and spend the entire evening in his garden, I didn't understand the fascination, until I had a garden of my own. I bet there are times when you wish you simply had more time to be out there in your little piece of heaven. It looks beautiful !!

Anonymous said...

The flowers are so pretty. You are a great harvester. I hope Ali gets to see them as she loves all flowers. It is amazing how we have time with our first children and they have different experinces than the later babies. Yet they are blessed with wonderful memories of being part of a family who have so much love and fun together. You are a great mom and I am so proud of you!