Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Catch Up: Cliff Notes Version

I know I am not the most consistent blogger. I am so grateful and humbled by the fact that you still stop by, even when my posts are few and far between.  Thank you.  As I write this post, I realize I am, again, woefully behind and overwhelmed by all I want to share.  I have been juggling more than one project the last few weeks - I have 4 new quilts in the works (thanks to a quilt retreat I went to - more to come on that), all in various stages of completion. My sewing room looks like a bomb went off, but it's the kind of mess that makes me happy. 

Here's a little peak at what I am working on (ignore the wrinkles):

Lone Star

Vintage Sheets and Kona Ash (again)

More vintage sheets


And because I am a nerd who loves pretty places as much as pretty fabric, here are some favorite scenic pictures of our recent adventures:

Grand Mesa, Colorado

Colorado River

Somewhere in the middle of Utah

Idaho, North of Bear Lake

Bear Lake

Tony Grove Lake

Oh, how I love this beautiful world we live in.  I have so much to do, but what I really want to do is go for a drive.  The foothills look like they are on fire with fall color and I am chomping at the bit to check it out.

I'll be back soon with details. The question is, will they be about quilt progress or fall foliage? I am so easily distracted.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quilted Soul Blossoms

Last week I finally quilted the Soul Blossoms quilt.

Here's the finished (what a nice word) version:

The back is Kona Celery with a little scrappy stripe to dress up the seam.
The quilting mimics the overall pattern of the quilt, only on an angle. 
This was this first time I've used an erasable fabric marker to to mark my quilting lines.
 It was kind of tedious - took longer than the basting - but totally worth it.
My straight line quilting tends to be on the wonky end of the spectrum without assistance.
After quilting and washing, it measures 62" square.

I love the combination of the Kona Celery and the purplish/pink binding fabric. 

On a different note:
 For the first time since being initiated into motherood more than 12 years ago,
 I actually have the house to myself for a few hours each week.  
All of my offspring are in school right now. (pre-school to middle school)
Things are kind of quiet around here.
 It's weird.
But kind of nice, especially after our chaotic summer.
 In small doses.